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In Mulaka, the player must fight a variety of creatures.

Background[edit | edit source]

List of Creatures[edit | edit source]

  • Tá Machiré

These scorpions can be found in a wide variety of climates. When lonesome, they pose a very small threat. When in group, they can be quite dangerous. Machirés dwell above ground twice in their life cycle, when they are younglings, so they get to know the world as Tá Machirés and once they're fully developed in order to hunt for larger prey.

Tá Machiré.gif
  • Kiyochi

The trickster spirit of a fox. It pushes a tumbleweed around and "pranks" living creatures by bumping it against them. They are good-hearted in nature, their harm is unintentional. The Kiyochi itself is only visible through the all-seeing Sukurúame vision.

  • Trilobite

This enemy hides underneath a hardened shell. When close enough, the Trilobite will pounce at its prey. The hardened shell is able to withstand most physical damage, but if flipped, the Trilobite's soft spots become exposed.

  • Rité Iwigá

These quadrupedal rock beasts charge at their enemies with unstoppable force. Due to their weight, their attacks are very powerful, but easily dodged.

Rité Iwigá.gif
  • Teré Machiré

The king of the sand. This giant scorpion reigns supreme as the apex predator of these lands. When challenged, it will face its attacker head on with its massive pincers. After the downfall of the ancient sacred lands, Teré Machiré took it upon itself to build a lair on top of what once was the foundation for Cho'mari's shrine, the Great Deer. The massive beast feasted on the divine energy rooted deep within the sand, growing to an unprecedented size, acquiring strength that inspired fear even amongst the bravest of warriors. Its eye is its only weak spot and, as so, the creature has covered it with a hardened shell capable of withstanding the hardest of blows.

Teré Machiré.gif
  • Rejói Seeló

The lowest ranked soldier in the Mantis Men military hierarchy. Their attacks center around melee strikes with sharpened appendages on their arms. They possess the ability to camouflage with their surroundings, turning virtually invisible to the naked eye. The all-seeing eye might prove a little harder to fool.

Rejói Seeló.gif
  • Rejói Wa Seeló

After completing rigorous training, Mantis Men soldiers can specialize in distinct combat branches. The shielded variation is able to mold its appendages to double as protection from regular attacks, a strong hit is required to break its guard and penetrate its defense

Rejói Wa Seeló.gif
  • Inima Seeló

After undergoing unholy rituals, and staying alive during the process, this Seeló acquires magical prowess and is able to use binding spells to hold its prey down. If ever caught by its spell, try and wiggle yourself out before it draws close enough to attack. This particular branch of the Seeló inspire fear even within its ranks. Should you encounter one, try and shoot it down to the ground with a well-placed spear throw.

Inima Seeló.gif
  • Wa'ruara Seeló

After raising through the ranks of the Mantis-men forces, this Seeló has led their armies through what has been considered the golden years of the Mantis reign. Though, the passing of time has clearly taken a toll on the mantis leader's state of mind. The once mighty, wise and sound general is now sickly, unpredictable and severely bipolar. The mantis attack on the city of Paquimé came out of nowhere, no provocation, no real reason to invade. Even amongst the army's troops themselves, a deep sensation of confusion could be felt. Although some might question Wa'ruara Seeló's sanity, he still is a formidable fighter and a very dangerous foe to face. He will try and use his expertise with magic to try and vanquish his enemy.

Wa'ruara Seeló.gif
  • Apowá

These overgrown frogs are common in humid climates. If anyone comes close to their territory, they will immediatly try and drive them away. Special glands in their upper respiratory system allow them to compress air and release it as a concentrated blast that will effectively knock hostile forces down.

  • Rusíwali Kuta

A fanged rock to the naked eye, the all-seeing eye will reveal the true from of the Rusíwali. Their reasons are unknown, but they are known to steal souls from unaware travelers. On their own, the Rusíwali Kuta is not considered a big threat to a well-trained Sukurúame, but be wary, for they commonly attack in larger groups.

Rusíwali Kuta.gif
  • Sipamea Ma'chiri

Known as the witches of the wild. These are spiritual beings that thrive on absorbing magical abilities. They do so without weakening their prey to stay unnoticed. They exist entirely outside of the mortal plane, so people could go on for years without noticing their presence. For a Sukurúame, though, they are visible through the all-seeing Sukurúame Vision. Although they might not drain life force, under its spell, all magical abilities will be blocked. In order to regain them, the Sipamea must be vanquished.

Sipamea Ma'chiri.gif
  • Sipabúara Ma'chiri

This is a pure elemental being of concentrated undying fire. When in danger, it can jump in and out of the material realm for a brief period, virtually teleporting. If engaging in combat, the Sipabúara will shoot fiery pellets at its attacker. One should tread carefully around them, for upon touch they will inflict fire damage.

Sipabúara Ma'chiri.gif
  • Chagara

These sentient rocks became agressive after spending a long period of time in contact with malevolent spiritual energy. They'll shoot concentrated blasts of magma at nearby foes. They are virtually indestructible safe from a single weakspot located at the very center of the main "head". If struck there, critical damage will disable them permanently.

  • We Rité'i

When fully grown, the Rité Iwigá becomes a ferocious beast with superior strength, speed and endurance compared to its underdeveloped form. To compensate for its hindered mobility, the We Rité'i can use its massive strength to create a wall of rocks and debris as it runs towards enemies. A well placed dodge should still work against it.

We Rité'i.gif
  • Wa'ruara Rusíwali

The cumulative power of multiple souls form a powerful bundle of Rusíwalis. Its true form is so powerful that it can be seen with the naked eye. As regular Rusíwalis, Wa'ruara Rusíwali seems to be using a giant rock as its anchor to the mortal world. That is its true weak spot. Wa'ruara's outer layer is so thick that reaching the rock anchor seems impossible right now. Find a way to expose the rock!

Wa'ruara Rusíwali.gif
  • Watákari Asemá

Transmuted by the corruption around them, these Watákari have been infused with unnatural energy. Their entire core now burns with raging fire. They still have the ability of constricting their foes with a tongue attack, on top of which, they are also able of shooting a massive fireball at nearby opponents.

Watákari Asemá.gif
  • Ganoko Kubechi

The most underdeveloped form of the Ganoko. At this age, the Kubechi is still extremely nimble, while maintaining impressive strength. According to various legends, Ganokos are not inherently good or evil, they simply are. According to recent sightings, they've been linked with the disappearance of several children. Unlike its grown counter-part, the Kubechi has a prominent weakspot on its lower back. When in combat, the Kubechi will attempt to crush its foes with its bare hands.

Ganoko Kubechi.gif
  • Wa'Ruara Watákari

The Guardian of the mystical lake. The emperor bullfrog has been around for far longer than any of the inhabitants of the lake can recall. It generally stays away from people and other creatures, living an isolated life far from the other dwellers of these lands. While generally tranquil, recently the beast has shown unnaturally hostile behavior. Just like Apowá, Wa'ruara Watákari can compress an immense amount of air and expel it towards a target causing a lot of damage. It will also use its enormous body to do slam attacks. An extremely thick layer of slime protects its outer skin, making it virtually invulnerable to any attack. The only way to inflict some damage seems to be exposing a more sensitive area.

Wa'Ruara Watákari.gif
  • Wekogí Norí

Poisonous mushroom native of tropical climates. Its movement speed is extremely slow. If it senses a nearby presence, it will immediately attempt to attack. Unlike other enemies, Wekogí Norí's attacks are not directly physical, this mushroom will create an expanding toxic fog that inflicts damage overtime. There is no clear record of these creatures existing in the past. It seems like a new species, evolving in demand to the necessities of modern day survival.

Wekogí Norí.gif
  • Trilobite Cho'ri

Through a process of magical infusion, this Trilobite variant has modified its shell in order to utilize a magnetic field of sorts that pulls enemies closer. Ancient legends tell of creatures that are able to harness magic and utilize it to their advantage. This type of Trilobite is one of the first species to do that in recent history.

Trilobite Cho'ri.gif
  • Trilobite Ená

Just like its cousin the Trilobite Cho'ri, this variant of the Trilobite enemy has harnessed magical energy to change its shell's properties. Tragically, handling this type of arcane energy has corrupted the Trilobite. It now lusts for havoc. When in contact with its prey, it will detonate causing damage to anything and anyone nearby.

Trilobite Ená.gif
  • Ganoko

The encounter with a full-grown Ganoko is always a sight to behold. The sheer size of this beast is enough to give shade to an entire settlement. Out of all the living creatures in the Sierra, the Ganoko's strength is unrivaled. Their very presence will inspire both fear and respect to any bystander witnessing their might. Opposed to popular belief, the Ganokos do not have a particular alignment, they are not good or evil, they simply live their lives minding their own interests following their own code. That is why recent outbursts of violent behavior are extremely unsettling. Some argue that Tarahumara tribes from the west attacked one of them, igniting conflict amongst both races. Some other believe that there is some other unholy force at work here, clouding their minds and tarnishing their souls, causing them to turn violent. Whichever the case, the only way to inflict damage on a Ganoko is to bring it to the ground and attack its head. Unparalleled strength will be required to do so.

Ganoko Boss.gif
  • Ganó

The mightiest of the Ganoko. He is considered among his brethren as the oldest, wisest and biggest of them all. He is so ancient that some even consider him their god. He has traveled the world far and wide, met with the demi-gods themselves and even forged relationships with some. Unlike the rest of the Ganoko, Ganó has a connection to the spiritual world, he is sensitive to its energy. Something unnatural and unholy is clouding his judgement, corrupting his mind and turning him into a savage puppet wrecking chaos throughout the land. There must be a way to set him free of this corruption!

  • Terégori

Ţ̷̅h̵͙̎ḛ̵̓ ̷̘̇l̷͙̑ó̶͙ŕ̸̮ḏ̴̛ ̶̘͠õ̴̲f̸̭̍ ̷̨̏t̴̼͒h̵͔̄e̵͖̎ ̵̧̐u̶͇͗n̸̠͐d̶͍͂é̸͈r̷̦̀w̵̛͍o̶̬͋r̵̻͊l̵͓͝ḓ̸̈́.̷̗́ ̶͚̚T̶̺͘h̸̢͛é̵͚ ̵̤͛v̴͚̆e̸̞̐r̴͈͆y̸̟̅ ̶̪̔ĕ̷̩m̵̱̈́b̸̜̔o̸̠̊d̸̘̀i̸̔ͅm̷͉͑e̶͒ͅn̸͈̉t̵̤̆ ̵͙̃ò̵̤f̴̢̊ ̶̥̂D̴̖͠e̵̼̍ą̷͂t̴͓̉ḫ̷̚.̵̫͠.


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