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In Mulaka, the player must solve puzzles to advance. Every level in the game is based on real-world locations in the Sierra Tarahumara region of northern Mexico, and a big focus of its gameplay is on puzzles through exploration.

Types of Puzzles[edit | edit source]

  • Most levels require the player to collect three sacred artifacts that open a magical door leading to the level's boss. These sacred artifacts require different tasks to be completed. Those tasks can be waves of enemies in an area or completing a quest.
  • On many of the levels, the player will find various puzzles involving water. These water puzzles consist of pieces of canals that the player must hit to align them accordingly to allow for the flow of water to different points of the puzzle.
Mulaka Water Puzzle.png

Collectibles[edit | edit source]

There are secrets and collectibles hidden on every level. These include Kórima to buy upgrades, but most importantly, each level has a number of ghosts that are only visible through the use of the Sukurúame Vision ability. Find all the ghosts unlocks the A Link Between Worlds achievement for the Steam and Xbox One versions of the game, or its respective trophy on PS4.

The following maps contain the locations of these ghosts, and of every treasure vase with Kórima.

Map of Samalayuca
Map of Paquimé
Map of Resó Rekubí (outside)
Map of Resó Rekubí (inside)
Map of Arareko
Map of Hueráach
Map of Basacheéchi
Map of Bakówala
Map of Re’le Na’írale